Yakima Chief Hops

For six generations and counting, the family farms that make up Yakima Chief Hops have been driven by the desire to help the entire community thrive by constantly improving beer’s greatest ingredient, the hop.


I like a hoppy beer and enjoyed editing this story about hop growers in the Yakima Valley. Vignette Creative brought me into this rebrand of Yakima Chief - Hopunion, LLC as Yakima Chief Hops. While I was unavailable for their filming day, Vignette filled me in on the details, camera arrangements, and goal: to tell the story of the grower-owned company commanding the global hop market.

The stories were fascinating and multigenerational. The growers took risks that pushed families close to losing their farms—and some did lose them. But with shrewd business practices and a rising micro-brewing industry, their distribution expanded.

I hadn’t met the subjects so it was a challenge to put faces to the 16 individuals in the transcript, especially since the transcribers often got the subjects mixed up. I whittled the dialog down to a concise story, matched camera angles to the speakers, and after client review I expanded the film from an initial 8 minute cut to a length meeting the client’s desired story. Its first run was during a live event celebrating the hop growers.

My favorite line?

“I have brewers come around and they treat you like you’re some kind of rock star. I’m just a farmer, man, you’re the ones doing something with this.”

Role: Editor Run Time: 18:26

Concept, Production, Cinematography, Color, and Sound: Vignette Creative