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NPR: Indonesia's Universal Health Care

Dr. Jacklyn Adella, 25, left the social comforts of urban Jakarta for rural Sumba Island, one of the poorer in Indonesia 17,000 island archipelago. Her year of service is part of a government plan to bring universal health care to the country's quarter-billion population. 


BRIGHT Magazine: Devastation is Sexy

Expectation is a filter: if we expect poverty, violence and failure, that is what we will see. But disaster is not Haiti’s everything.


BRIGHT Magazine: Should Doctors Go on Strike?

Three doctors in different corners of the world, exhausted from doctor and nurse shortages, are working with their governments to find a solution. But it’s not easy.


VANTAGE: Can Journalists Help Develop Policy?

To help develop government policy is to walk an ethical tightrope, but fine-tuned partnerships can keep us on the straight and narrow. For the sake of positive change, journalists must go beyond business-as-usual


VANTAGE: I Just Won a World Press Photo Award and a POYi, But I’m Not Celebrating

A documentary project about social issues is worth nothing if it doesn’t improve the lives of its subjects