Upstanders: The Firefighter's Rescuer


Created by Starbucks, Upstanders Season 2 is a collection of short stories celebrating ordinary people doing extraordinary things to create positive change in their communities. In episode 10, The Firefighter's Rescuer, veteran firefighter Michael Washington bares his secrets to help others combat post-traumatic stress.

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Role: Cinematography, Still Photography          Run Time: 6:12          Published: October 9, 2017


Executive Producer: Howard Schultz
Client Side Producer and Writer: Rajiv Chandrasekaran
Director of Photography:  Jessey Dearing
Cinematography: Jessey Dearing, Josh Trujillo, Tim Matsui
Photography: Tim Matsui, Josh Trujillo, Seattle PI, Mike Washington
Editors: Andrew Hida
Composer:  Jason Staczek
Sound Mixer: Martin Feveyear
Starbucks Senior Producer: Colleen Davis