Sasquatch or Bust


This is a story about a love for music and the strength of friendship. Spike Kane grew up immersed in the world of live music, witnessing the rise of bands such as The Clash and Echo and the Bunnymen. Many of his old friends in Liverpool are still musicians. For the last five years, Spike was unable to go to shows or even appreciate the music so vital to his existence.

In June, 2010, Spike returned to the three-day Sasquatch music festival in eastern Washington. With the help of his friends, he could participate again in a music festival. The following year, Sasquatch festival promoters shared this film on social channels and welcomed Spike back to the festival with a backstage pass. 

This is an early film project of mine and, as such, it's rife with beginner mistakes. But Spike and his story are too good not to share, in spite of my embarrassment. 

With thanks to photographers Ellen van Bodegom and Mark McNulty, whom I've never met, but who contributed their Echo and the Bunnymen images for this project.

Role: Director, Cinematographer, Editor          Run Time: 7:32