Privilege, for The Schultz Family Foundation


The Foundation's original vision was to produce a short documentary of three formerly homeless youth and use it at a private fundraiser. During pre-production, Sheri Schultz said she wanted to integrate the Explain Privilege video produced by Shaun King, of the Black Lives Matter movement. I was tasked with finding a way to create an engaging film, five minutes in length, while integrating the Explain Privilege video with the youth stories. Deadline was 15 days. 

I decided to use a high school desk as a lone prop in a studio, film the youth reacting to the Explain Privilege video, followed by an interview I conducted. I directing four camera operators and made stylistic choices about mounting and focal length, then edited the film to merge the youth reactions and stories, ending with an endorsement of the homeless youth non profit the fundraiser was for.


Role: Director, Producer, Editor          Run Time: 5:22


Director: Tim Matsui
Producer: Tim Matsui
Editor: Tim Matsui
Cinematography: Mike Kane, Rob Miller, David Ryder
Executive Producer: Jason Reindorp, Schultz Family Foundation