GORE-TEX Product Launch Series


A series of three product launch videos filmed featuring sponsored athlete Janelle Smiley. Filmed at an event for Denver-area retail employees. 


Director: Tim Matsui
Cinematographer: Tim Matsui
Editor: Tim Matsui
Executive Producer: Andre Tiffany, GORE-TEX


Endurance athlete Janelle Smiley was at an event featuring GORE-TEX products incorporated into a number of products for the outdoor adventure market (think shoes, boots, jackets). I was asked to work with Smiley to create short films highlighting three new GORE-TEX products for their social channels. 

Without getting technical, each film needed to show a product in use and highlight a key point about the integrated GORE product.

In between her speaking and engagement obligations, I worked on-the-fly with a GORE representative and Smiley to design informal scripts for each short. There was no pre-production or location scouting budgeted. Time constraints kept us to a nearby park and city streets around the event venue. 

Smiley's energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to experiment made for a fun day.